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from cnn.com....

CNN projects that Clinton will win Massachusetts Democratic primary.Get Breaking News by e-mail


hey if anyone out there can help me physically move some furniture into a trailor today around 9:30 at my place (296 mona off montreal road) that would be super awesome.


Marja and I want to go camping this weekend; we have our own stuff.... but no campsite and no transportation. What are two sad girls to do?

Jul. 29th, 2007

"We are in a giant car heading to a brick wall 100 miles an hour, and everyone is arguing about where they wanna sit." (said with disgust).

- David Suzuki
I'm really rocking this new Stabilo song, Kidding Ourselves.
we're goin', we're goin', we're goin' to the cup!

May. 15th, 2007

ok this is probably a stupid question, but does applesauce go bad once you open and refrigerate it? how long can you keep it refrigerated for before it goes bad?

Apr. 25th, 2007

So I've fallen in LOVE with Anberlin... and last night I went to check out their site to see if they're touring. They are! And they'll be here... TOMORROW. I'm off to find a ticket.. :)

the only public entry ever, bitches.

Due to PEOPLE SEEING THIS JOURNAL WHO ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE IT (I should know better - I learned from the best) everything is friends only from now on... and if I don't KNOW you, you're cut.. sorry.